Fabrice Le Lec
Professor at the University of Lille
Lille Economics and Management (UMR CNRS 9221)

Associate Researcher at the Anthropo-Lab, Ethics EA 7446

Associate Researcher at Irisk, IESEG

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--- Research

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--- Institutions

Current Dept : Lille Economie et Management (UMR CNRS 9221), University of Lille

Anthropo-Lab, Catholic University of Lille

Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne, Université Paris-1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Economics and Psychology Seminar in Paris

Economics and Psychology Master Program (Paris-1, Paris Descartes)

Economics Dept, Catholic University of Lille

ABC reseach group, Max Planck Institute

CREED, University of Amsterdam

CREUSET, University of Saint Etienne

GREQAM, University of Aix-Marseillle

--- Co-authors

Michal Krawczyk (University of Warsaw)

Benoît Tarroux (University of Lyon II, GATE)

Serge Macé (Edhec)

Olivier L'Haridon (Univ. Rennes)

Nicolas Jacquemet (Univ. P1, PSE)

Björn Meder (MPI ABC, Berlin)

Magda Osman (Queen Mary Univ. of London)

Ondrej Rydval (Cerge-EI, Prague)

Astrid Matthey (MPI, Jena)

Martin Kocher (IHS, Vienna)

Christian Ben Lakhdar (Univ. of Lille)

Marianne Lumeau (Univ. of Angers)

Nicolas Vaillant (Catholic Univ. of Lille)

Véronique Flambard (Catholic Univ. of Lille)

Rustam Romaniuc (Burgundy School of Business)